Saturday, June 30, 2012

30B430 Book 22: The Great Gatsby

Somehow I got through high school and college without ever reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. So I was really excited when our book club chose it for our latest book. I'll be honest, mainly because I am excited about the movie that is coming out this Christmas staring Leonardo DiCaprio.

While the book is short, just 180 pages, it took me awhile to actually get into it and get used to Fitzgerald's writing style. I also found myself looking up the Sparknotes online, to make sure that I was understanding all of the different symbolism and themes in the book. Hello high school! Except this time, I was doing it, not to pass a quiz, but because I wanted to get the deeper meaning. I cannot say that I have done that in awhile. Does anyone else do that?

I did enjoy the novel, and the tragic love affair of Gatsby and Daisy. Perhaps I need to read more classic literature, and less current best sellers. It was certainly a change of pace.

I am even more excited to see the movie. Leo is definitely a great choice for Gatsby. And I can't wait to discuss it with book club, of course.

Just eight more books to go!

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