Friday, June 1, 2012

Meatless May: The End!

Hello juicy goodness! This gorgeous butter burger pic is originally from here
Meatless May is over! Hallelujah!

I love many meat-free meals, but this experiment showed that I cannot go vegetarian all the time. I was really challenged to not have options, especially when eating out. Because while a lot of places may throw a black bean burger or a portabello sandwich on the menu, it isn't fun to only have one choice. 

I should probably come clean... I cheated. Just once. Okay, twice. But I cheated. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we headed to Madison for the day and ended up at The Nitty Gritty. I was so hungry, that all I could think about was their chicken strips with the gritty sauce. No matter how many great vegetarian options that they had, I just didn't want them. So I gave in and cheated. Oops. I enjoyed every bite of those chicken strips. The second time...I ate a brat last night. Oops, again.

More than anything, I learned that I am not very good at pre-planning my meals. I probably would have enjoyed the experience a lot more if I had actually made some of those recipes that I pinned before May started. Once I got into it, I just didn't plan ahead enough, which left me eating lots of carbs and dairy. Not quite so many veggies. Am I lazy? Perhaps. Well, probably.

But I also think I was challenged because Chris and I had to eat different things. Meals are meant to bring people together. It is really hard to prepare separate food from the people you are living with and to still feel like you are eating together. I look forward to us eating the same thing again.

I have a lot of respect for vegetarians and vegans. I realize there are a lot of different reasons that people choose not to eat meat, whether for health reasons, the cost, views on the welfare of animals, etc. I do not think it is a commitment that I am going to make at this time in my life, but I do hope to eat less meat and be more conscious of what I am eating. Meat-Free Mondays could definitely be doable.

But for now, I am looking forward to a Culver's Butter Burger Deluxe, or perhaps some Friday Fish Fry.

Happy June 1st!

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