Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Outdoors

I am going to start by owning that I know I love my cats too much. And that you could probably care less about their "adventures", but they amuse me, so here we go...

Despite Chris' previous protests, I really wanted to take the cats outside. We saw a cat on a leash outside the other day, and I thought, why not?

So I got the harness and leash out, shimmied it around a squirming Bucky, and took him out the back door to the backyard. Before Chris got home, of course. Bucky and I may have met him in the driveway when he pulled in.

At first he was not totally sure what was going on. He does not like loud noises, so it took a minute to adjust to the sounds of kids, cars, etc. 

But then he started rolling around in the grass, and decided he was lovin' life. 

Eating grass? Yes, please!

He managed to find the dirtiest place in the yard and roll around in it over and over. Awesome. 

He could have stayed out there all day. But unfortunately we only have one leash. And I wanted to give it a shot with Stella, who had been sitting in the window, watching Bucky and I outside. 

She was much less excited and was sort of on edge for awhile. She was really not a fan of the harness, and kept giving me dirty looks for being so close to her. 

She stayed on the perimeter for awhile, and kept trying to duck under these bushes. She really wanted to explore on her own. 

But then she found a squirrel climbing the garage, and was a little more interested. She eventually ate some grass too. 

Sitting on the driveway seemed to be more her style. Unfortunately when I took her inside the house, she bolted up the stairs, pulling the harness to the point that it released her. Loose cat in the hallway! She may not be going out again for awhile. 

Bucky has chosen to stay posted by the door in the kitchen, and cries anytime we go near it, just to make sure we know he wants to go outside again. He was originally a farm cat. It's in his blood.

Pets are funny.

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