Thursday, June 14, 2012

Training Time: Part Three

So late last week, we got our training schedule for the end of June up until the marathon. Well, not the whole schedule, just the long runs. It looks like this:

June 30: 6 miles

July 7: 8 miles
July 14: 10 miles
July 21: 12 miles
July 29: 10 miles

August 4: 14 miles
August 11: 16 miles
August 18: 18 miles
August 25: 13.1 - Half Marathon

September 1: 20 miles
September 8: 12 miles
September 16: 22 miles
September 22: 14 miles
September 29: 8 miles

October 7: 26.2 - The Marathon

I knew that the numbers would obviously have to get up there, but yikes. It really threw me for a loop. Especially wrapping my head around the amount of time that training is going to take over the next few months.

My training runs over the weekend did not go very well. I couldn't get my full ten miles during the previous weekend, just seven and a half, and struggled to even hit my six this past Sunday, stopping at three and a half. I was just off. All up in my head. I couldn't get past the heat, and just kept thinking, if it is this hard now, how is August going to go? Or the ten mile race that I am running this weekend?

Ten miles. On a 90-degree day. When I picked up my packet on Monday, I was told, "If you can run seven, you will be totally fine running ten." I ran seven, eight and nine, but it definitely wasn't feeling like ten would be a piece of cake.

I went and got a new water bottler, as well as an assortment of energy gels, jelly beans, etc. After reading up on glycogen and understanding the science of it, it finally made sense why my body was shutting down. I hadn't been using anything on my long runs, because I had no idea that I needed to do anything.  How dumb. I immediately noticed a difference when I attempted my long run again. I actually used one of the energy strips - just like a breath strip. Weird stuff.

I ended up deciding to go back and watch Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary of six different individuals training for the Chicago marathon. It was shared by a colleague, and was very inspirational. I needed that moment to see why it is worth putting the time and work into training. And that it is doable for someone like me. At least I hope so.

One run at a time.


  1. Hydrate and fuel yourself! Something to consider on shorter runs to be sure that your stomach can handle the food you're trying. Make sure you're getting calories, electrolytes and salt in the summer heat...

    And sometimes motivation can be found in the form of a new running playlist or outfit. Or in my world, post-run junk food! :)

    There will be good runs and bad runs. And there will be training slumps where you don't feel like running at all, but getting out there and logging the miles when you REALLY don't want to will build mental toughness. Hang in there!!

    1. Thanks for the advice Katie! I appreciate having as many marathon coaches as possible. : )

      Right now, I'm eating a bagel with peanut butter two hours before my runs. I have been mainly drinking water during and Gatorade after, but am wondering if I need to start drinking Gatorade during. I have been trying the jelly beans, etc. on the shorter runs. So far so good.

      And I did get a new running tank for tomorrow. : )

    2. Also, do you run with a belt? I haven't been yet, but am debating one. I am just wondering if that will bug my stomach.


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