Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now Hiring: Personal Assistant

My schedule seems to conflict with Stella's desire to lay on my head. She'll have to deal. 
Earlier tonight, as I was formatting party invitations and signing up for a 5K, I took a look at my June calendar and became slightly overwhelmed by the all of the things ahead. Somehow I went from "slow summer" to fitting in two professional travel commitments, several baseball games, a 10-mile race, a staff retreat, hosting a get together, a 5K, an out-of-town guest.

July doesn't seem to be any slower, when you consider that between July 1 and July 8 we have tickets for a baseball game, plus at least three nights of Summerfest, followed by two nights in a row of Dave Matthews Band tickets. I don't even know when the last times is that I did that many things in one week. Six. Things. Eek!

I enjoy being busy...most of the time. And a large majority of the things on my summer schedule are fun ones. I get to celebrate my bestie at her bridal shower and bachelorette party. I get to see friends from all over. And the majority of my time at work is going to be spent on developing really cool projects. Who can complain about that? Plus, I am going to continue to work towards checking stuff off of my 30B430 list. Did I mention that I get to run A LOT?!

I think I just need to take a minute to stop and plan it all out, so that it doesn't seem quite so crazy. Plus I should probably get a massage and/or a mani/pedi. Yep, that is definitely needed.

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