Sunday, June 24, 2012

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Yesterday we celebrated Chris' birthday. I won't tell you which one, but will say that it was a big one.

We started out our day running the Rock n' Sole 5K. The race took us up and over the Hoan bridge, and back through the Summerfest grounds. It was an early morning - we started running at 7:20 am. It took awhile to get started actually running, because of the large crowd walking at the front. I finished in 33:24, and ran around really fast to get pictures of Chris finishing.

Check out the birthday boy!

Afterwards, we were able to enjoy some music and refreshments at the grounds. So fun. Plus, we got a free ticket to Summerfest for participating. And every finished got a medal - check us out!

We tried to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter after lunch. I say tried, because the movie ended up being cancelled due to "technical difficulties." As in, they went to play the movie and there was sound, but no video. They did give us a refund, and a free pass for a future movie. So we ended up wandering the mall instead.

Our celebration was small, but still very fun. I had initially planned a quick weekend trip to celebrate Chris' birthday, but am saving it for the fall, since I had troubles getting hotel reservations. For right now, his main gift was an Andrew Luck Colts shirt. We will save the adventures for another time.

Happy Birthday to Chris! He is a wonderful friend and partner, and my favorite roommate!

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