Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I recently started reading The Average Girl's Guide, a wonderful blog written by Alyson. I love it! She wrote a great post about needing time with the girls, and it totally resonated with me.

One of the things that I have missed a lot since moving is time for girlie things. You know, like manis/pedis, playing with makeup, crafting, etc. I haven't made anything crafty in months! Perhaps it is because I now live with a man, who does not have interest in a scrapbooking night. What?! Haha.

I have appreciated all of the opportunities that I have had to do girlie things here. I had the best time last night trying on the Stella & Dot jewelry and chatting with friends. Check out this picture of everyone in the awesome statement necklaces. So fun!

I still have to decide which Stella & Dot pieces I am going to get. Do I go for a big one, or some smaller items? Something bold, or something I would wear every day. So many choices!

I have been brainstorming other ideas for future fun. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Painting Night - If you haven't heard, there are a bunch of new painting studios popping up across the country where you can drink and make a fancy painting. Here in Milwaukee, I have heard great things about Splash Studios in the Third Ward. I also have a coupon for Arte Wine  and Painting Studio in Tosa. 
  • Cooking Class - I took a few classes at the local community college in St. Louis, and learned some great new cooking techniques. I have also looked into the classes offered here at Sur La Table and the Milwaukee Public Market.
  • BINGO! - I had the best time going to the Bingo Hall in St. Louis with a group of friends. I have not had the chance to go to Potawatomi yet, but perhaps I should add it to the list. I won $60 last time! Although you do get shushed a lot by the serious bingo ladies...
These would also be really fun for bachelorette parties. What are your fun ideas for a girls night?


  1. We have some awesome and very affordable cooking classes here at WCTC! :D

    1. Awesome! Have you taken any of them? Recommendations?


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