Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY Project: Summer Camp Card

Did you go to summer camp?

We did. Good old Catholic Youth Camp on beautiful Lake Panorama. One week out of each summer from fourth grade (maybe fifth), until high school. I loved everything about it. Swimming. Canoeing. Making friendship bracelets. Meeting lots of new friends. Eating the delicious food. Seriously, our camp food was really good.

One of the other best parts of camp - getting mail. It was always a big deal to hear your name during the mail call at lunch, and then read a nice note, and maybe get a couple extra dollars for some candy at the canteen. Oliver, a family friend, who is nine is currently at his first overnight camp experience. Last night, I crafted a quick card to get in the mail to him tomorrow. I want to make sure that he gets it before he leaves later this week.

I bought that pack of stickers forever ago. For some reason, I wanted the sleeping bag sticker. Glad I had them now and could finally put them to use. 

I hope Oliver has an amazing time at camp and that he tries lots of new things. The kid is pretty fearless and very athletic and outgoing, so I would imagine he's having a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it! 

This is the first of a bunch of DIY Projects I have coming up this week and next. Stay tuned! And if you want to make a DIY of your own, enter the Cupcake Kit giveaway. I'm picking a winner tonight, so enter soon!

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  1. So cute! I never went to camp as a camper. I worked at one in Maine one summer a long time ago. The kids were terrible though! I had never heard so many potty mouths before. I was shocked! The camp was really beautiful though. And it rarely got hot there, which I loved.


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