Sunday, July 15, 2012

Storming the Bastille

So I totally feel like the Defarges in A Tale of Two Cities right now. Yeah, French Revolution! Okay, not really at all, but I did run Storm the Bastille 5K, as part of Bastille Days on Thursday. The race started at 9 pm and went through downtown Milwaukee. It was so much fun!

I got to run with Rachel, one of my coworkers!
I would definitely do this race again. Although it is super crowded, there was some great people watching. I loved the people wearing costumes during the race. There were a lot of people wearing berets, striped shirts, etc. and running carrying baguettes, which made me laugh. I'd be all about running with a Cafe Au Lait and a beignet. Perhaps a glass of wine. Definitely a good fun run!
On a semi-related note (because it's French of course, although post-French Revolution), who is excited for the new Les Miserables movie? It comes out December 14, 2012 - get ready! It's a musical version, unlike the 1998 version with Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman, and Claire Danes. Check out the trailer here:

So excited that it stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, and Sasha Baron Cohen. Not excited that Anne Hathaway will be playing Fantine. I really can't stand her. And she will be singing "I Dreamed a Dream," one of my favorite Les Mis songs, as shown in the trailer. I sang that during voice lessons back in the day. I will definitely still go see it. Can't wait! Between that and the new Great Gatsby, I think it is going to be an excellent movie season.

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