Friday, July 20, 2012

Feed the Pig

About every other week, Chris and I pack up all of our dirty laundry, and trek across town to the coin laundry mat. Between us, we usually have about 5-7 loads. Chris has one, I have 3-4, and we usually have a shared load or two of sheets and towels. We go on either Tuesday or Wednesday, the discount nights with $1 wash loads. I love that we can do our laundry all at once, and that we stop to get Ian's pizza after. I basically hate the rest of this process. Especially the hauling part.

We have a jar in our living room where we hoard quarters, to make this night possible. My mom actually gave Chris a roll of quarters with his birthday card. How cute is that? Do you think that is to prevent us from bringing our laundry to her place? I only do that every once in awhile, because it takes forever. But thanks, Mom!

The rest of our coins? Those head into this guy. With the hopes that eventually we won't have to save quarters any more, because we will be able to buy our own washer and dryer. We have the hook ups in the basement. But no appliances yet. We are aiming for brand new, top loading, energy efficient, but nothing flashy. (I know that a lot of you love your front loaders, but I have found that they tend to smell like mildew all the time - ick). Delivery/set up is a must.

Right now there is exactly $16.93 in the pig. It does not add up very fast when you take all the quarters out. But someday that washer/dryer will be ours.

What are you saving for right now?

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