Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Weekend at Alpine

I could write for days about my trip to Alpine, but I don't want to bore those of you who aren't quite as in love, so just a few of the highlights...

First, I love sitting in the pavilion seats. Best decision ever. I am just too old for the loud, crazy, distracting lawn. I love sitting among people who have all paid to see the show, and are not too drunk to actually enjoy it. We actually got to upgrade on Friday - this guy traded his better seats with ours, so that he could sit with his daughter and her friend during her first concert. The best part is that I can almost always see when I have an actual seat. Hard for a shorty like myself out in the super packed lawn crowd. I don't miss dodging tall dudes. Not to mention that my legs and feet were already sore on Saturday night, and could not have handled standing on that hill the whole time. Premiere parking was also one of the best decisions we have ever made. We were out in 15 minutes on Friday night. That. Never. Happens.

Dave was in fine form on Friday. I don't know if it was the heat, but he was really goofy. Kept talking about how cold it was and how he needed a sweater, long johns, a cardigan buttoned all the way up, etc. Meanwhile we all had visible sweat marks everywhere. Alpine was seriously like one giant, hot, sweaty armpit. Despite the heat, the band gave one of the best shows that I've seen. Saturday was much cooler, and even more awesome. It is amazing how much more fun it is to watch a show when you are not worried about heat exhaustion. 

The music was fantastic. Chris and I didn't really go into this weekend with a list of songs that we had hoped to hear. Regardless, we were not disappointed. There was a fantastic mix of new and newer songs, older songs, more obscure songs, and a few great covers. I got to hear Pig, which made me smile. Along with a few of my other favorites - Lie in Our Graves, Seven, Two Step, and The Best of What's Around.  I loved Stefan's Star Spangled Banner. I love that they played one of my favorite combos - So Much to Say into Too Much. Hadn't heard that in years. Both nights, guitarist Stanley Jordan did a guest appearance. He was really good, especially on Rhyme And Reason and Dreaming Tree on Saturday night. I loved Dave's solo - Whiter Shade of Pale on Friday. And who wasn't excited to hear them close with Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) on Saturday? I don't know what was better, the song, or Dave's awesome dance moves. Such a fun show. I'm sure you can find some of it on YouTube if you are interested. I could go on all day, but perhaps you should enjoy it for yourself. 

On Saturday, during Brandi Carlile's show, he also came out and performed a duet - Angel from Montgomery - a song I have heard about, but never seen DMB play. I love Brandi's music, and was so excited to see her live. The fact that she and Dave played together was icing on the cake. Here is a version that they performed at the Caravan in Seattle last year, and I found it on YouTube so I could share it with you all. Whoever this person is had a great view...

I'm sad that I have to wait another year to see the band again. Perhaps we should hit the road for another show...

Meanwhile, I'll be framing our two new posters, while sporting my new DMB top. : )

Happy Sunday!
The Set Lists (borrowed from the DMB site)

Friday  Jul 6 2012
You Never Know


(Blue Water)

Best of Whats Around

The Song That Jane Likes

Seek Up

Shake Me Like a Monkey


The Riff



Out Of My Hands 

Star Spangled Banner
All Along The Watchtower

Grey Street

Proudest Monkey
Lie In Our Graves

Don’t Drink the Water


A Whiter Shade of Pale

So Damn Lucky
Tripping Billies

Saturday  Jul 7 2012
(Little Thing) 
Funny The Way It Is 
Pantala Naga Pampa 
Loving Wings 
You and Me 
Jimi Thing 
Rhyme And Reason *
Dreaming Tree *
So Much To Say 
Anyone Seen The Bridge 
Too Much 
Typical Situation 
If Only 
Two Step 

The Space Between +
Ants Marching 
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) *

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