Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Green Leafy Overload!

My mom, sister and I have been splitting a CSA basket for the last several months. I talked about it a little bit before here. Each week, we get a surprise assortment of veggies that we divide and conquer.

Although lately, I haven't been doing so good on the conquering part. More like, take my share of the veggies and dump them in the crisper drawer - also known as, where food goes to die. It's true. Once it hits the drawer, I usually forget about it until it is unrecognizable. Very bad habit that leads to a sometimes stinky fridge.

I always had the best intentions of eating all of those delicious (and free) vegetables, but at some point, the weekly deliveries got a little overwhelming, and the ziplocs of spoiled lettuces piled too high.

Last week, I decided to start fresh. I dumped out all of the old, and brought home only what I thought I could reasonably eat this week.

Okay, it is still a lot. But I made this delicious meal yesterday, using my spring onions, kale, and basil. Yum! Kale is a new veggie that I have discovered through the CSA.

My challenge is to now eat the rest of what I have throughout this week. I think it will actually be easier now that we seem to be getting less lettuce and more squashes and other things. I am VERY excited about having fresh basil and mint. Not sure what I am going to do with the pattypan squash....


  1. We chopped up the patty pan and sauteed it on the grill like we do with the other summer squash. You have to deseed it a bit and only sautee the fleshy parts but it tastes great! Good Luck!

    1. Hmm. I will have to try that. Any tips on the Kohlrabi?


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