Monday, July 16, 2012

This Skin I'm In

It has taken me 29 years to finally start taking care of my skin. Oops.

I have never been very good about getting into a regular skin care routine, nor did I find a product that I liked. I guess when you start approaching 30, it is time to jump on board with things like anti-aging, eye cream, etc. I don't see Botox or plastic surgery in my future, but I would certainly like to stay looking as youthful as I can, right?

I am currently using the Rodan + Fields line, with a combo of the Unblemish and Reverse treatments. The Unblemish will hopefully address my summer breakouts, which have been made worse by all of the sweating I'm doing. The Reverse treatment, is supposed to lighten the sun damage already done. I'll eventually switch out of that to the Anti-Age. I have only been using it for a few months, but it is amazing the difference that washing/treating my face twice a day can make.

And sunscreen? We are new BFFs. I previously loved the idea of being tan, especially during the summer, and put significant time, money and energy into browning my pasty skin (both outside and inside), often resulting in some serious sunburns along the way. I just cannot imagine continuing to damage my skin and risk the more serious consequences that could come down the road. Does anyone else have serious tanning regret? Maybe it's just me. Pale is the new tan, friends.

What are your skin care secrets?

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