Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Fly Away

Wow, I just saw that the Pinterest Challenge post had over 300 views. How exciting! If you found this blog through the Challenge, and decided to come back and read again - thanks! I am still checking out all of the other projects that fellow pinners did. And of course trying to figure out what to DIY next....

Anyway, I am sort of a terrible gift giver.

In fact, most of the time, I do not get people birthday gifts anywhere near their actual birthday. Most often, they get them about 2-3 months later (okay sometimes more like six). They are also usually not wrapped, but rather, held behind my back and then handed over with a dramatic, "TA DA!" Does anyone else have this problem?

I have such an admiration of folks who are good at giving gifts. And so I was so totally blown away by the Mother's Day gift that Bethany from Rinse. Repeat. shared on her blog. She always has the most thoughtful ideas, and this one was so good, that I had to copy it. I hope she doesn't mind! (I know I'm not the first to copy one of her ideas...her bridesmaid boxes have ended up on tons of wedding web sites, and I keep seeing them pinned all over Pinterest).

You see, my original plan for Chris' birthday, which was June 23rd, was to take him to Door County for the weekend (which I have since told him). I'm all about experiences, rather than gifts, especially since he is hard to shop for. Unfortunately, I procrastinated and missed the window for getting an affordable hotel, and then he wasn't able to take off work. So instead we had a weekend of adventures in Milwaukee, including running the 5K. And I gave him a t-shirt. Nothing fancy.

So when I saw Bethany's gift, I knew that getting him a passport would be a great option. I had actually considered it for a gift awhile back, but wasn't really sure how to execute it, without just giving him an envelope of cash. Plus I was fairly cash poor at the time. But this time, I was able to put something together that I am really excited about. And can give him a proper gift, more fitting for a major birthday. Here is my finished product:

The envelope included:
  • A passport application (plus instructions...gotta make this as easy as possible).
  • This awesome passport cover from ideaka's shop on Etsy.
  • The money to cover the application costs.
  • A map of Europe - since our likely first trip together will be to Ireland and London. Woo! (Since it was just a sad printout from a teacher web site, I jazzed it up a bit by adding some colorful thread going from country to country...embroidery is clearly not one of my skills, especially on cardstock). 
Now he just needs to apply and we need to start planning/saving for a trip!

Oh, and I probably should renew my own passport...

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