Friday, April 27, 2012

Gathering Art

Chris and I spent some time last weekend determining what art that we have for the many walls in our apartment. It appears that we have a lot of Dave Matthews Band posters. Yep, sounds about right.

We also have a lot more walls than we have things to hang, so I have been spending my evenings perusing original art pieces on Etsy. One of our hopes is to have a gallery wall in our living room. And we already have some great pieces to get us started that fit in with our current color scheme of black, tan, red and gold.

First, there is the St. Louis Love gocco art print that I bought from Art Shark Designs last year. It's so cute and itty bitty.
Then, there is the Providence Skyline print from ReStudios that I got for Chris last year for his birthday. It adds in a little bit of blue.

 I have had my eyes on this Clink illustration by Genevieve Santos for quite a while. I just think it is so adorable, so I finally bought it yesterday. 

And Chris picked out this Rooster Art Print from The Joy of Color, which will pull in a bunch of our main colors. 

Finally, I pre-ordered this Madison Map drawn entirely in lines from Studio KMO. I love that you can see the isthmus!


We sort of have a theme going on based on places that we have lived. I like it.