Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel Bug

I have an itch to get out on the road. Or perhaps across the sea...

I wish I could say that I have had an adventurous travel life, but the reality is that the only time I have left the United States was to go to Tijuana for the day during a college spring break trip to San Diego. Even within the US, there are so many destinations that I have yet to see. My travel bucket list is full of exciting locations I hope to get to in the next 5-10 years.

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Mt. Rushmore
So this may not be on your list, but I need to get to Mt. Rushmore via a classic family road trip. We never went when I was a kid, and I sort of feel like I missed out. I want to stop at all of the cheesy tourist attractions along the way during the long trek across the state of South Dakota. And then turn around and go back the other way. Who's in? 

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Much like Liz Gilbert, I would like to eat my way through Italy. I do not even care if it means that I gain 20 lbs and have to go up a few pants sizes. I want to see every part of the country, and try everything. If only I had several months to spend there. If only...