Friday, April 13, 2012

Week Two Progress Report

As we finish out week two in the new place, we have some stats that I thought I would share.

Times a cat has gotten out of the apartment: Three. Bucky. We knew it would only be time before they broke into the hallway. Bucky likes to lurk at the door waiting to get out while we unlock it from the other side. He is still looking for his screen porch, and swears it must be out there somewhere.

Meals cooked in our apartment: Four...maybe five. That is pretty good when you consider the fact that we have had someone else cooking for us for the last several months. I will also say that Target Market Pantry traditional pasta sauce may just be my favorite jarred sauce. Who knew?

Boxes unpacked: Too many to count. And yet still more to go.

Rooms totally unpacked: Zero. But we are working on it.

Magnets gracing the fridge: 44. Only eleven are mine.

Times a cat has gotten into the fireplace: One. Stella. We are going to have to come up with a more permanent solution than a box in front. Hmm...

Number of yellow vacuum cleaners we own: Two. We are still sorting out all of our duplicate items. As of right now we also have two coffee makers, and three vegetable peelers.

Number of visits from a former resident: One. The little boy apparently came to the door while I was gone one night. He asked Chris to get a thermometer that they had left behind, which was stuck on the outside of the window, too high for him to reach. It's too bad - I really liked the thermometer. I anticipate we may see him again, since he just lives around the corner. In fact, I think he just rode his bike up our driveway and is now playing in our backyard with the kid next door...

Anyway, here is how the place is looking right now. Literally, right now. I just took these pics.

Still a few boxes, plus a lot of broken down ones in the living room.

The other side isn't looking so bad, but definitely needs some color and some wall decor.

The dining room is still a hodge podge of mess and boxes. It has all of those random things that we cannot decide what to do with, plus the stuff I am too lazy to take down to the basement. 

And more bare walls.

You will note, however, that one of the first things that came together is Chris' built-in of tchotchkes. Come visit and see all his goodies. 

Mine is not quite as exciting.

The kitchen was the first room to come together. Mainly because we needed it to be functional. Just a few straggler items around the table. 

Oh, and more boxes that are waiting to go down to the basement.

Like the new, retro-looking clock? Found it at Target. 

The guest room isn't looking too bad. We will plan to change out the flowery bedding soon. Apparently not everyone is a fan of the flowers. 

And the master bedroom definitely looks the most lived in. Excuse the unmade bed and the bathing cat. 

And then there are the random hallway nooks that look like this. 

Definitely still a work in progress. 

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