Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making a Home: Zig Zags and Stripes Forever!

Because we will not be in the position to make a lot of big furniture purchases, I'm also focusing on smaller decor elements that will add color, pattern, and texture. Things like throw pillows, a tablecloth and runner, and other fun details. As you can see, I'm obsessed with stripes and chevrons right now!

I love this lampshade from Target, and actually bought the matching throw pillows. Not sure where they will be going yet, but they add that special something.
 With my new sewing machine, I would love to make a fun and colorful runner (or two!) for our kitchen table like this one here. I'm so excited to have a little breakfast nook!

I am all about pulling a room together with curtains. I would love to do something similar to these painted stripes.

I love the idea of adding little pops of color through things like lamps. Check out this super cute pink one! It was initially made from a brown vase.

And I am a huge throw pillow fan. Especially when they are unique, like these Scrabble tile pillows from Etsy.


Or these made from men's dress shirts.

I would love to make this airport code pillow...yeah MKE!

Or perhaps an animal sillouhette?