Friday, February 24, 2012

Making a Home: Vintage Kitchen

Our new duplex has a retro kitchen with white cabinets and red countertops. At least, I think it does... Yep, should have taken pictures. Anyway...

I have been pinning inspiration photos that give me ideas for how to complement the red with cute details.

I loved light blue as an accent color for red. And how nice are these embroidered curtains?

Another great blue and red combo. This kitchen is gorgeous! And I love both chevrons and the red "Eat" letters. 

These red polka dot curtains were fun too. And check out the retro garbage can!

We could also add some fun red and white wall art.  Like this Butcher's Diagram print from Etsy.

Or this Barney Stinson quote that was a DIY.

I also love this custom red mixer print

Perhaps a fun still life print - like these pomegranates

Another fun accent is red furniture. I love these red chairs.

Or perhaps some stools

I found a few other fun little details too. Like this repurposed colander pendant lamp from Etsy. 

How cute are these gnome dish towels?

Red is definitely a fun color to work with. Can't wait to get into our kitchen!

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