Tuesday, February 21, 2012

26.2 Miles. Here I come.

(these are what my running shoes look like)

So you may recall that I made a commitment in my 30B430 list to run a half marathon. 13.1 miles.

It should be known that I'm not exactly a runner. I have gone through spurts of running over the course of the last 10 years. I would get into a routine, typically running on the track at the gym, working my way up to a steady three miles. Eventually something would happen that I would get out of the routine, and then give up my running entirely. Once it was a twisted ankle. Another time, plantar fasciitis. More than a few times, laziness.

So when I added the 13.1 to the list, it was to serve as motivation to get into shape again, and to push myself to train for something greater than I'd ever done before. Let's be honest...I have never run a 5K.

I had yet to start training, when a challenge was extended by Chancellor Lovell: A Claws vs. Paws Marathon Challenge, between UWM and Concordia University for the Lakefront Marathon in October.  I thought back to a conversation I had with a colleague over a year ago, where he said, "If you are going to train for a half, why not just go for the full?" He and his wife had progressed from non-active to marathon runners - if they could do it, couldn't I?

I then had a conversation with a student employee in our office, and mentioned I was thinking about signing up to run the Lakefront Marathon. He said, "I'll do it, if you will." And so I was in.

I do not know if I am naive or just plain crazy, but I signed up and paid my $75 non-refundable race fee. I have until October 7, 2012 to train. To run 26.2 miles. Because I am starting from a level of non-activity, I have been using the Ease into 5K app to get started. I am working my way up to comfortably running 20 miles a week, over the next two months, so that I can begin the real training.

No turning back now...

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