Thursday, February 2, 2012

Apartment Hunting: Part Three

See Part One and Part Two first.

So this is the part where you thought we had the apartment, right?

Not so much.

Not ten minutes after I faxed in the application, I got a call from the landlord. Someone else had dropped off a check and turned in their application the night before. She had waited to see if we were going to send something in before calling the other applicant. My fax came in as she was on the phone setting up an appointment for them to sign the lease.

My heart sank. I had really liked that apartment. When she called, I was actually in the middle of looking through apartment ideas that I'd tagged on Pinterest...Could we put these fun curtains in the living room? How might I organize my new closet? I was even starting to think about having a dinner party, since we'd have a new dining room. Wop wop.

The landlord did mention that she had another duplex, also a lower unit, that she had just been informed would be opening up in early March. She was happy to show it to Chris and I, if we were interested. I tried to be excited about this possibility, but was pretty bummed and was secretly hoping that something might fall through with her current applicant.

I then had to tell Chris that, because of my hesitation and need to over-analyze everything, we didn't get the apartment. He was surprised, but not worried. And thankfully not mad at me for stalling too long. When I told him about the other duplex, he said, "Can't hurt to see it, right?"

So we made an appointment to see Apartment Four. Going in, the landlord told me this would be much different than the first unit that we saw. While also a lower unit, this one had darker hardwood floors and trim/features throughout. I wasn't sure what this might look like, and I did like the painted white trim and lighter floors of Apartment Two. But I was open. She also told us to use our imagination for how we might use the space, as the current tenants had a lot of " furniture and stuff." She later called it "clutter," and I couldn't help but wonder..."Could they be hoarders?" I clearly watch way too much TLC. 

It certainly is different to look at an occupied space, versus a big empty canvas. But sometimes it is also helpful to see with furniture to get a sense of what fits and what doesn't. In the earlier apartments we were trying to guess if our furniture would fit. I guess we will have some idea.

So after work today we are headed back to Shorewood to check the place out...

(to be continued)

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