Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meatless May: First 10 Days

I am a third of the way through Meatless May. So far, I have not been doing a great job of getting in my protein, but have certainly been eating lots of dairy and pasta, evidenced by the baked lemon pasta above. Plus eggs. Eek. Not a great switch. Need to get more beans and veggies in.

Day One: Cheese lasagna Lean Cuisine. Homemade quiche for dinner.

Day Two: Leftover quiche for lunch. Baked lemon pasta for dinner. 

Day Three: Artichoke melt for lunch. Black bean burger for dinner. 

Day Four: Portabello sandwich for lunch. Veggie pizza for dinner. 

Day Five: Peanut butter toast for breakfast. Saltines, string cheese, and grapes for lunch (oops). Popcorn for dinner (double oops). 

Day Six: Cereal for breakfast. Homemade pesto pizza for lunch. Veggie option at a student banquet - rice, veggies, etc. 

Day Seven: Cereal for breakfast. Mac/cheese and salad for lunch. Pancakes for dinner. 

Day Eight: Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. Broccoli cheese soup, pasta salad, and a tomato/cheese sandwich for lunch. Ian's pizza for dinner - kalamata paste/mozzarella/red pepper slice and mac/cheese slice. 

Day Nine: Egg/cheese english muffin sandwich for breakfast. Poached eggs, tomatoes, and grapes for lunch. Pasta primavera for dinner.

Day Ten: Muffin for breakfast. Qdoba lunch: Black bean and fajita veggie tacos, and a small grilled veggie taco salad (no shell). Dinner: Jambalaya - picked around the meat, one piece of pepperoni pizza with the pepperoni picked off (see below), and a bowl of cereal. 

I am definitely having some cravings. What have I missed so far?

Sushi. I don't eat it that often, but I had a moment where I realized that I couldn't eat spicy tuna, or eel and cucumber rolls. It made me sad.

Pepperoni. I eat many different kinds of pizza, but pepperoni is definitely my favorite. And I definitely wanted to give in when Chris accidentally made the frozen pepperoni pizza tonight instead of the cheese one.

Beef. We ended up at an Irish restaurant last week, and all I wanted was the shepherd's pie. One of my favorite comfort foods. In fact, most of my favorite comfort foods involve beef - ground beef tacos, beef stroganoff, french dip sandwiches. Sigh.

Chicken nuggets. Specifically from the McDonald's drive thru. With sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard. Double sigh.

What would you miss most?

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