Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I hope you will allow me to gush for a bit. Some appreciation is due.

Chris is an excellent roomie. Definitely a better roomie than I am. Here are ten reasons he is great:

1. He kills all the spiders. Even the ones on the ceiling that require getting out the step ladder. I have probably killed two or three. He has probably killed at least a dozen. Old home = lots of spiders.

2. He does the dishes way more than I do. Like 80 percent of the time. That has definitely not been a 50/50 chore thus far. It is not that I do not want to do them, he just usually gets there first. Which I then feel guilty about. But I am also thankful that he jumps right in.

3. He gets up to feed the cats when they are driving us bonkers in the morning. If it is a morning that I can actually sleep in, they are likely to start howling, biting, and anything else they can do to get our attention, around 6 am. If I happen to get up first, I am likely to lock them out of the room. He will actually go feed them, since they are crying because their bowl is empty.

4. He knows to do things like checking the pilot light. I couldn't begin to tell you what that is, or why it is important. He was also the one who figured out that our fridge was turning off. I just thought someone had spilled water. Without him, I might have eaten some spoiled food. Eek!

5. He remembers to set the coffee each night so that there is a fresh pot right after the alarm goes off. Sure, this is for him too, and sometimes I'll do this one. But it certainly starts the morning off on the right foot.

6. He does not yell at me about the boxes I still have to unpack, or the two piles of random clothes in our room, or my overflowing hamper. Or the makeup and hairbrush that can usually be found on the couch, since I tend to get ready while watching The Today Show. I think he is used to me being messy by now. I appreciate his patience. And that he doesn't try to change me.

7. He takes out the cat poo. Gross, I know. But it has to be done. And while I am willing to scoop the box at 10:30 at night, I am not excited about walking out in my jammies in the cold to throw it in the trash bin. And I also don't want it sitting by the door overnight. So he graciously takes it out.

8. He gets down things that are high. This might be a standard thing for the tallest person in most households, but I appreciate it. It prevents me from climbing up on wobbly chairs that may have a screw or two missing.

9.  He lets me try new recipes, and braves my cooking. I am not a bad cook, but sometimes the things that I make just do not turn out as planned. But he is usually willing to give it a shot, as long as it isn't most vegetables or seafood. He'll eat it even when it is clearly burned! 

10. He lets me have my own time and space, and I give him the same. I have enjoyed living with people before, but I know that I also live very well alone. I got used to having my own routine, so it is a hard switch to live with people again. I think that we are starting to settle into a pattern where we have some time together, and some apart. Which is definitely a good thing. Chris gets up in the morning to go to the gym, which means that I can get ready at my own pace, and we don't have to share the bathroom. I will usually run right after work, which gives me time to think and him time to do his own thing too. After we eat together, sometimes we will watch tv together, sometimes we will watch our own shows.

Thankful for such a great roomie! : )

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  1. Ironically, I now have to do all those things for Xavier. I guess Chris used to do them before he moved out. LOL! :) Loved the blog!!


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