Friday, May 25, 2012


Hello again! Sorry for the less frequent posts. It was a very busy last weekend/week, and we have an even busier holiday weekend ahead, with visitors in town. I will do my best to squeeze in some updates - we have updated/cleaned the apartment a bit (cleanest it has ever been), I have gone 20+ days without meat, I have run lots of miles, and I have read some more books. All exciting things, I know.

But first, this post - dedicated to Rachel, my sister. This girl...the one with the book.

While I probably would never have said this any time when we were little kids, having a sister is one of my favorite things.

Rachel and I are three and a half years apart, and were divided by four years in school. That feels like a pretty big gap as kids. Sure, we played together when we were little, but we did not really "hang out" much until we became adults. I do not think that I would have ever thought that your sister could also be your friend.

At some point along the way though, we actually started to want to spend time together and know what was going on in each other's lives. Calling your sister on the phone? Who does that?! Well we do now. Rach is even my new running buddy, evidenced by our picture post-color run (which is the most fun that I have ever must do it).

I am very excited that Rachel is also now my colleague. Last Sunday, she graduated with her Master's of Education from Marquette. I know that she will be a fantastic professional. She works so incredibly hard, and is committed to every project that she takes on. I am glad that she will still be in the area, just down the road. It means many more coffees, manicures, and running adventures down the road.

Congratulations Rachel!


Your very proud big sister

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