Saturday, May 26, 2012


Oh running.

I knew that it would come with some road injuries along the way. However I was not prepared for the major face plant that happened yesterday morning. 

That'll teach me to watch the cracks in the sidewalk rather than drifting off. 

I was doing my slow trot along Lake Drive, when I suddenly tripped and dove face first into the sidewalk. I was totally startled, and struggled to pick myself up. My first thought was to grab my chin because I have split it open twice before, both times requiring a nice row of stitches. I had scraped my knee, palms, and hit my chin and cheek hard enough that my glasses flew off. Thankfully there wasn't any gushing blood this time around. Just required quite a few bandaids.

I am very thankful to the woman who was also running, who stopped to make sure that I was okay. I was in such shock at the time that I didn't really even think about it. It wasn't until I started walking home that I burst into tears, out of both embarrassment and pain. My bruised pride was probably worse than my actual injuries. Although I definitely discovered some additional areas that lost the war with the sidewalk - my shoulder and hip have seen better days. 

Who wants to be the 29 year old with a bandaid on her face? I'm that girl. At least my chin is looking a lot better than yesterday. 

Oh well. Won't keep me from getting back out there on Sunday. Well, I'll probably run...

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