Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meatless May: Second 10 Days

All I could think about yesterday was this mac and cheese with chorizo and peas that I had back in February. I miss you sausage!

Meatless May continues...

Day 11: Lunch - Vegetable rice soup. Dinner - Hot and sour soup, vegetable fried rice. - Chinese food is always a great option!
Day 12: Lunch - Pasta with sauce (at IKEA). Dinner - cereal (after multiple snacks)

Day 13: Mother's Day Brunch - Eggs, pasta, various salads, waffles with toppings. Dinner - french fries. Fail.

Day 14:Breakfast - Cereal. Lunch - Salad, hardboiled egg, and yogurt. Dinner - Spaghetti and salad.

Day 15: Breakfast - Cereal. Lunch - Grilled veggie nachos. Dinner -  Peanut butter sandwich (on Eggos)

Day 16: Lunch - Cheese pizza. Dinner - Black bean burger.

Day 17: Lunch - Sweet potato, yogurt, salad. Dinner - cannot remember.

Day 18: Lunch - Yep, forgot to eat it. Dinner - Mu Shu veggies, and veggie/tofu delight Chinese food.

Day 19: Lunch - Grilled cheese, fries and milkshake - diners are hard for meat-free. Dinner - Citrus salad with grapefruit, jicama, avocado, lettuce/spinach, oranges, and dressing.

Day 20: Lunch - Veggie sandwich at Rach's graduation reception. Dinner - Veggie tacos at Bel Air Cantina.

I cannot say that this second ten days were any easier. I had a few occasions where I ended up at restaurants that had very few meatless options. The salad I had at The Chancery on Day 19 was delicious, but my only options were a salad or pasta. I was really craving some protein.

Things I am missing:

Fish. Friday Fish Fry, tuna sandwiches, fish tacos. Yum.

Ribs. Or at least the option of ribs. I think I am missing having options in general.

The end is in sight! I am very excited to add some meat back into my diet. I'm not a lifer on this. While I think it has helped me be conscious of the amount of meat that I eat, I do plan to add some back into my diet. I will do my best to balance with other protein sources though.

Can't wait for next week....

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